Walking through the Valley of the Wild Endert

Walk Germany’s loveliest walking trail of 2019


A walk through the wildly romantic Enderttal (Endert Valley) offers a unique and primordial nature experience. Go on the 20 km-long walk from Ulmen to Cochem through the Valley of the Wild Endert.

So on with your walking shoes and away you go. Narrow paths on the slope run down to bridges that cross the Lieser and then ascend again to become broad tracks. The twitter of the birds and the soft murmur of the river provide suitable background sound. Alongside historic structures like mills and castles the splendours of nature lie along your way.

“Only when one is out and about, does one have the feeling of fairy-tale enchantment.״

(Erich Kästner)


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Overnight stay at the Bürgerstube Hotel, Ulmen

  • 2 overnight stays with breakfast
  • 1 lunch pack
  • Route directions (Wild Endert flyer)
  • 1 GesundLand multifunctional cloth

from 139.00 euro per person in double room

from 159.00 euro per person in single room

Further information

If tourists are not permitted to stay overnight because of the corona virus, the reservation will be cancelled without charge.

Bookable: throughout the year

Arrival: daily

Your dog is a welcome guest!

We would be pleased to make individual arrangements to suit your wishes!

Wild Endert Winzervesper, incl. 4 glasses of wine of your choice to taste

17.50 euro per person

At Weingut Daniel Bach, Cochem’s one and only seasonal wine bar. Just book with us when you book your trip.

The seasonal wine bar is open from 5 o’clock p.m. daily May to June and from 10th August until the end of October. Wednesdays closed.

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