VulkaMaar Trail – walk through many millions of years

Experience the geological past of the Volcanic Eifel on the VulkaMaar Trail


Walk through centuries of earth’s history and discover the geological past of the Volcanic Eifel on the VulkaMaar Trail! Past the Manderscheid castles, witnesses of ages long gone by, through to the Meerfeld maar, which invites you to stop and linger.

Experience wonderful views into the steep-sided valley of the River Lieser on your walking tour along the VulkaMaar Trail. Unique views of GesundLand Vulkaneifel are ensured on this route. Especially worth experiencing is the Wolfsschlucht (Wolf’s Chasm) on the route from Manderscheid to Meerfeld: spectacular rock formations have been the dominant feature of the valley of the Kleine Kyll (Little Kyll River) since the eruption of the Mosenberg volcano thousands of years ago. Walk through millions of years of volcanic geology along the VulkaMaar Trail!

“If you want to enjoy the whole, you must discern the whole in the parts.”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


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Your services include

  • 3 overnight stays, including breakfast, with a walking-friendly host
  • 1 lunch pack per walking day
  • 2 walker's transfers
  • Route directions (VulkaMaar Trail flyer)
  • 1 GesundLand multifunctional cloth

The offer is also available with 2 overnight stays. You walk the VulkaMaar Trail e.g. as a day trip.

Your price per person

double roomfrom 169,00 EUR p.p.
single roomfrom 199,00 EUR p.p.
Hotel*** / Guesthouse G***
double roomfrom 189,00 EUR p.p.
single roomfrom 249,00 EUR p.p.
double roomfrom 239,00 EUR p.p.
single roomfrom 289,00 EUR p.p.

plus local guest fee (to be paid to the host at the venue)


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Bookable: throughout the year
Arrival: daily
Your dog is a welcome guest!

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