Mountainbike Volcano Week-End

Mountainbike week-end in the heart of the Volcanic Eifel


Up into the saddle and off to bikers’ paradise you go! Experience an MTB adventure on the rugged trails of the Volcanic Eifel – with a Trailpark guide and in the way you want to do it.

The bikers’ paradise amid the Volcanic Eifel awaits you. The Volcanic Eifel Trailpark has within it a 750 kilometre route leading to the prettiest places and offers a unique biking adventure. Feel your pulse beat faster and your muscles strain as you race along the trails past age-old maars, deep-blue volcanic lakes and green woods on your mountain bike. For mountainbike enthusiasts the nature trails of the Volcanic Eifel are an unforgettable experience. Here you will find adrenalin and action aplenty.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike״

(John F. Kennedy)

This is your trip schedule


... or just as you like it ...

For us a matter of heart!


Your services include

  • 2 overnight stays with half-board
  • 1 individual ride through the Trailpark with just a guide to accompany you
  • 1 Trailpark welcome pack
  • 1 GesundLand multifunctional cloth
  • 1 Trailpark map and ride suggestions by our Trailpark guides (GPX data to download)
  • Plus a voucher for 1 starting position on the Vulkanbike Marathon

Your price per person


from 119.00 euro in double room

from 209.00 euro in single room

If tourists are not permitted to stay overnight because of the corona virus, the reservation will be cancelled without charge.

bookable from 4 persons (max. 10 persons)


Further information

Bookable: throughout the year*

Arrival: Friday

We would be pleased to put together an individual offering for groups from 11 persons.

*except for VolcanoBike Week-End