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Swim in extinct volcanoes. Feel the tingle of the cool water on your skin. Swim along through the unchlorinated, deep-blue water of the Eifel’s maars. Travel along the daunting trails of the Vulkanbike Trail Park.

The uphill routes of the Volcanic Eifel together with the unique view will take your breath away. Let the smell of petrol waft past your nose on the world-famous Nürburgring. Feel the thrill of great motor-sport events close up. Feel the adrenalin coursing through your veins as you glide over the tallest treetops on a zipline.

Feel your hand tickle as the donkeys in the wildlife and adventure park nibble the food from it. Their wonderfully soft coats slide through your hands when you stroke them.

Abandon all thoughts of the everyday while you are sweating in the sauna at the Volcanic Eifel thermal baths and luxuriate in naturally warm water at 32 degrees in the Bad Bertrich mountain spring. Experience your adventure in GesundLand Vulkaneifel – sheer joy of life.

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