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Big choice in GesundLand Vulkaneifel


Hand-made cheese. High-quality own-produced meat products. Locally grown fruit and vegetables. Produced with love, diligence and Eifel passion and enthusiasm. Our farm shops offer a large choice of products that come straight from HealthLand Volcanic Eifel. Either for your own enjoyment or to take back for the people at home – with this big choice there is something for everyone. Enjoy in an old-style village-shop atmosphere a shopping experience that reminds you of what shopping was like in grandmother’s day! Look round and enjoy!

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Vulkanhof Goat’s Cheese-Makers

in Gillenfeld

The best hand-made goat’s cheese produced in the Volcanic Eifel comes straight from Gillenfeld – from the Vulkanhof Ziegenkäserei (Vulkanhof Goat’s Cheese-Makers). There goat’s cheese is made by hand with passion and from the best ingredients. Yet the cheese-makers do not draw people in just with fantastic, regional cheese, they also lay on guided tours through open stalls and sheds to make the farm a great experience for children.

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Ulmenhof Bio Farm Shop

in Sarmersbach

Here organic agriculture is a life-task: the Ulmenhof is situated in an idyllic side-valley of the Volcanic Eifel and is run in accordance with bio-organic guidelines. In the Bio Farm Shop next door not only bio-regionally produced products but also all the farm’s own specialities are obtainable.

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Janshen Poultry Farm

in Ellscheid

The Janshen Poultry Farm is home to 11,000 barn-reared and 250 free-range hens.
The poultry products, which are produced with a lot of love, are obtainable in the farm shop.
From A to Z, everything that might appear on the shopping list is there.

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Gemüseland Vulkaneifel

in Mehren

Tomatoes as far as the eye can see: on 3.5 hectares of land at Gemüseland Vulkaneifel in Mehren vine tomatoes and vine cherry tomatoes as well as strawberries and asparagus are grown. Quality, flavour and sustainability are the highest priorities. The greenhouses are heated without gas in a sustained way, using the waste heat from a nearby sawmill.

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Vulkaneifel Wiesen

in Dreis-Brück

Highland cattle at the Vulkaneifel-Wiesen – Top-class, flavoursome, healthy – that is meat from highland cattle from Vulkaneifel-Wiesen in Dreis-Brück. It is stands out by its especially fine grain and extremely low fat content. It is considerably lower in cholesterol than conventional beef but at the same time richer in valuable omega fatty acids.

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Dreiser Mineral Water

in Dreis-Brück

Mineral water is a gift of the volcanically formed landscape. Volcanoes were active in the Eifel up until 10,000 years ago and formed the landscape in their own way. The results of this volcanic activity do not just take the form of deep-blue maar lakes or large amounts of naturally occurring lava – we also owe a large number of mineral springs to volcanic activity.

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