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Discover the new. Let yourself be inspired. See the world from new angles. The museums and galleries in GesundLand Vulkaneifel will give you moments packed with ideas, insight and inspiration.

Our geomuseums take you out into the wide, wide world of the volcanic activity that shaped the Eifel thousands of years ago and in many places is still to be seen today. But how does a maar actually into being? What happens in a volcanic eruption? And what is the significance of the Eckfeld primeval horse? Answers to all of these mysteries can be found at the geomuseums in Daun, Manderscheid and Strohn. Get ready for a journey of discovery that will make you view the landscape of the Volcanic Eifel with new eyes.

An interactive journey to the centre of the earth

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Go on a journey to the long distant past. Feel what it is like when a volcano erupts and discover the fabulous water world in the craters. The geomuseums in Healthland Volcanic Eifel give you unique insights into the world of volcanoes and maars.

Adventure-seekers and history-lovers go in search of clues to the past and learn why the landscape of the Volcanic Eifel is so unique. Everywhere there are remains from millions of years of earth history to be found. In the region’s geomuseums you will find answers to all the questions you may have about volcanoes.

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